A break before The Break



Best office, ever.

I mentioned in my last post that the company I work for went fully remote at the beginning of the year. Our CEO decided to put an off-site employee retreat together in Antigua for the week, so despite everything we need to do before we hit the road in August (pack, figure out what to put in storage, figure out what to toss, get both vehicles road-ready, etc), it was basically impossible to say no to a week in paradise.

We’re staying in an amazing Villa in Willoughby Bay – technically it is hurricane season between June and November so in terms of tourist traffic it’s much slower, but the weather is amazing – we’re on the southeastern side of the island where there’s always a stiff moving breeze – temps are between 77° and 85° 100% of the time.

Travis was invited to come along as well so here we all are in paradise, having a lovely week working hard and playing hard. The villa has WiFi but it’s relatively inconsistent (think: LOTS of plugging and unplugging the router) but we got a backup connection thanks to the property manager. Afternoons have been punctuated with trips to several of the 365 beaches on the island – and PS, none of the beaches are private. Also, fun fact: Eric Clapton has a (massive) home on the island as well as a swanky rehab facility that we can see across the bay from our place.

We did a group sailboat trip on Sunday as a pre-workweek outing – we took a 39-foot single hull boat out for a little sail and some snorkeling. I saw a couple Eagle rays (probably one of the most amazing things in the ocean IMHO), a stingray, and a handful of sea turtles. It was heaven for me and feeling VERY lucky and grateful this week for the life I’ve managed to put together between my job and everything else.


Honu! Sea turtles snackin’ on the grass.

eagle ray

Eagle Ray! Love those spots.

The journey begins…

Well some of you know that our original plan for escaping the city was to build a tiny house. For those of you who don’t know, now you do.

In searching for a truck to tow said tiny house, we found someone selling the Ford F350 Dually we wanted for the job…but they were also selling a Fifth wheel along with it – and it was a deal that was too hard to pass up.

Now, Let’s Go Tiny House is Let’s Pause Tiny House for the time being, and Ready, Set, RV! is where we will chronicle our journey throughout the contiguous U.S., to the best of our abilities.

Who are we?

Anne: I work for a tech company that switched to fully remote at the beginning of this year, which means I can do my job anywhere. Yay! I’m originally from Idaho, half from Colorado, and have been living on the East Coast since 2008. I spent five years in Boston going to graduate school at Emerson College and have been in NYC for 5 years doing the tech thing.

Travis: is a classically trained pianist from North Carolina and spreadsheet wunderkind. He’s been playing piano professionally for 5+ years in New York City and will be taking a break from piano while on the road. He’ll continue doing remote consulting work while on the road.

Monkey: is a 10-year-old brown tabby who probably won’t know what the hell to think of this whole thing, but we’re optimistic she will adjust relatively quickly. Truth be told, our fifth wheel is massive and our Brooklyn apartment is tiny. Shouldn’t be a massive downgrade…!