But Which Shoes Should I Bring?

The packing process has started.

The nice thing about moving into an RV is that I know I won’t need most of my stuff. That means getting rid of or storing non-necessities is a no-brainer. But ugh, what about shoes, you guys? And I don’t mean this in an “OMG you guys I just canNOT live without ALL MY SHOES” way but in a “How the heck do I know what is practical and necessary for the next year” way.

I have a couple weddings to go to over the next year, which means at least one pair has to be wedding-worthy.

Hiking shoes/boots and flip flops are mandatory, of course. And sneakers. That’s already four pairs, but not so terrible.

I’m adding at least one pair of leather ankle boots and some cold weather boots. Okay that’s six.

What about rain boots? Will I need those? I’d love to NOT bring them because they’re bulky, but can’t imagine we won’t get stuck in rain at some point and I don’t wanna get stuck inside because I don’t have footwear that can slosh through puddles.

What about Toms? Great, easy slip ons for outdoors. Croc Mary Janes? Lightweight, also great for anything involving water. Slip on Vans that I wear all the time? One sensible pair of flats for anything potentially work-trip related? That’s at least 11 contenders and feels like far too many for RV living. I dug my 10-year-old Tevas out of a bag yesterday, too. Do I need those?!

Help me, internet. What are your tips for a well-curated shoe selection when it comes to RV Life?